Types of Online Slot Machines

You can play slots games on your phone from wherever you are as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Walk into any casino and what you’re going to quickly realize are the hundreds of slot machines that are available. Well, the casinos on the Internet are no different. With so many different types available, let’s take a close look at the different types of slot machines out there:

Three Reel / Single Line


Three reel slots, also known as a single line slot were one of the first slot machine types ever made. Known as one of the most basic pokie machines online, the aim of this slot machine is to match three symbols in a line. Typical three slot machines may feature fruits or bars. Being able to play up to three credits at once, many machines often offer a progressive jackpot.

Five Reel / Multi-line


A little more advanced than the three reel and five reel slots, the multi-line slot machines can pay out on more than one line. Since you can play on more than one line, it means that you can bet on more than one line. Instead of three reels, players can play up to nine reels at a time with a total of more than 45 paylines. Characterized with different themes and features, the symbols on these machines can widely vary. For example, one multi-line machine can feature a wild west theme while another can feature an ocean theme.


Progressive Slots


These types of pokies come in many makes and forms. They can come as a three reel, five reel or multi-line. Basically, any slot machine that you pay online, there could be a chance that it could be a progressive slot too. With a progressive slot, you have to understand that the machine you’re playing with will be connected with a network of other machines. Every time a player performs a spin, portions of that money will go toward the jackpot. When the jackpot hits, the player will win the progressive amount listed on the board. Once claimed, the progressive jackpot will reset and will proceed to go up again. These slot machines tend to be the most popular due to the higher payouts that players can win.

Odds and Payouts


The odds and payouts with slot machines are going to widely vary from machine to machine. The same can be said about the casino. Some casinos are going to be looser than others when it comes to setting the odds. Remember, the online casino must abide by the local laws where they operate.


When playing the slots, most of the time, you will be able to note the payout on the top of the game. Most payouts will be self-explanatory right on the label. So for example, three bars in a row on a single reel slot could pay 100 times the bet you placed. To play it safe, most experts claim that the payout percentage hovers around 95 to 97 percent.


Playing slots online is just as fun as playing at a casino. With so many types available, there’s one out there now that will keep you entertained for hours. Test your luck with a few different types to find one that you can enjoy.